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12:05 AM Muammil Akilu 0 Comments Category :

The amount of money spent on weddings nowadays is ridiculous! It has become more of a competition and a class thing! People have sleepless nights planning events, paying outrageous amounts to hire a hall, make up artists, pre-wedding photo shoots et al! Ladies in particular spend a fortune on a dress you will only wear for some few insignificant hours of your life!
It is such that society has set such standards that one is defined by the kind of wedding they had,the number of boxes gifted, the type of house the couple live in. All superficial things really! I kind of wonder when or why things changed! Some few years back it wasn't like this!

My question is :do people have more money at their disposal now dat one can afford to waste such resources when we have people out there who can't even afford a meal or it's just dat we as a people have changed over the last few years?
Specifically with regards to ladies, there is this mentality u grow up with right from infancy where everything u do would be referenced to ur wedding day, as though ur in a state of a coma until dat wedding! So every gal prepares all her life for that wedding day! No one or no aunties talk to you about the marriage in itself,they are more particular about the wedding, what they would wear n stuff! I think it's a poisonous message!
It's no wonder that marriages lately don't last! If only all these energy were to be channelled into the d marriage rather than the wedding; we wouldn't be seeing the high divorce rate that is making a trend in our society.

Sadly, marriage as an institution is losing its value, most people marry for the wrong reasons, usually people having unrealistic expectations! People focus more on the wedding rather than the marriage itself.